International PG Students

I constantly get emails from students wanting to be my PhD student, or a PhD student in one of the research groups I am associated with. It has got to the point that I no longer have time to give an individual response to each expression of interest.

See the graduate research school's web site for information on pursuing a research degree at UNSW. I suggest you look through it as it has more up-to-date information than I can possibly provide here.

At minimum, here are some important points:

So if you have made it thus far, and believe you are still in the running, you need to convince me (or another member of one of the research groups I'm associated with) that you are truly interested in our area of research, have sufficient background, are capable and committed, and have enough of an outstanding academic record to have a chance of getting a scholarship. (You still need to convince me if you are a local student as well)

Note that I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just pointing out the reality of becoming my research student.